Healthplanning Ltd work in the fields of health, emergency preparedness, response and resilience to help people challenge perspectives, build consensus and develop policy by: high level project management, facilitation and delivery of training, service development and organisational change.

Healthplanning Ltd was established in 1988 and works in the fields of health, emergency preparedness, response and resilience to help people challenge perspectives, build consensus and develop policy by:

  • High level project management

  • Facilitation and delivery of training

  • Service development

  • Organisational change


Our directors are Verity Kemp and Richard Mills. We are a leading provider of management consultancy services specialising in:

  • emergency preparedness, response and resilience;

  • delivery of the Strategic Leadership in a Crisis programme;

  • facilitation;

  • strategic reviews and service development;

  • psychosocial resilience; and,

  • interim management.

Healthplanning Ltd has a wealth of skills and personal experience depending on the nature and needs of a project, including:

  • experience in clinical services reviews and clinical systems improvements

  • leading roles in planning, delivery and commissioning of major new health facilities

  • policy and guidance development

  • a thorough understanding of emergency preparedness, response and resilience in the NHS and related healthcare sectors

  • development of business cases

  • development and delivery of training

  • personal and organisational development

  • board level experience

  • High-level project management skills involving:

  • a proven record of delivery of complex projects to deadline

  • a thorough and demonstrable understanding of the NHS, NHS England,  DH and related areas including related university partners.

Emergency Preparedness, Response and Resilience

Project management at the then Emergency Preparedness Division at the Department of Health  of the review, revision and writing of the NHS Emergency Planning Guidance

Development and delivery of an exercise to test the major incident plan of the London & South East Burn Network to develop and deliver an exercise to test the network's major incident plan.

Executive Adviser for Emergency Preparedness to NHS London during 2012 providing direct input to the Olympic and Paralympic Games Coordination workstream.

Supporting the establishment of the Local Health Resilience Partnership for NHS England London  

Exercise design and delivery as well as facilitation and observation


Strategic Leadership in a Crisis

This is the original flagship event. Rob Ellett, and Verity Kemp jointly developed Strategic Leadership in a Crisis while working at the Department of Health. Since its launch in 2009, between them and on behalf of DH and NHS England, they have delivered every event to date.  Participation in the course is a requirement of NHS England for its on call staff.  It is designed specifically to meet the needs of the NHS, the content focuses on preparing NHS Strategic commanders for their role in leading the NHS response to disruptive challenges. It will help Strategic commanders meet the competencies for a strategic response in an emergency.

Tailored courses have also been developed and delivered on tactical leadership in a crisis in the NHS and also for local authority partners.



Healthplanning can provide facilitation tailored to the needs of the client. Examples of events facilitated since 2012 include:

  • For an NHS England Area Team development days that brought together members of the Local Health Resilience Partnership to review their work and working methods and work programme.

  • For the Department of Health a workshop to understand the challenges and potential solutions for an acute setting response to a large scale outbreak of e coli. The multidisciplinary and multiagency workshop explored the key issues, identified best practice, identified any further work needed, and provided the core material for guidance on this topic to be published for NHS nationally.

  • For a Local Resilience Forum, an event to review its working structures and to make recommendations for future working.

  • For a local Healthwatch group, a development day.

Strategic reviews and service development

Leading the development of innovative service development and integrated working in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire and London, challenging traditional ways of working, and encouraging appropriate networks and pathways of care.

Project management of the development of new services and facilities at all levels of healthcare including significant discussions with the independent sector, local authorities and MPs.

Effective engagement and communication with the public over numerous service changes

Successful leadership of teams at times of change in diverse areas including Communications, Public Involvement, IM&T, Estate Planning and Partnership

Psychosocial resilience

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has sponsored a series of day-length seminars. Its intentions were to draw together people who use mental health services and their carers with mental health practitioners from a range of disciplines, social scientists, public mental health specialists, health economists, and policymakers to explore the roles of social science and social networks in harnessing the social determinants of good mental health and tackling the needs of people who have problems with their mental health.

The Psychosocial Tools Project was sponsored by the Department of Health and undertaken with the support of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, two English Ambulance Services and the University of Sussex. The aim of the project was to identify the needs, and then prepare to meet the needs of NHS staff who are first responders to emergencies and major incidents for education, training and continuing support in the course of their work.

Interim Management

Currently Richard is Interim Chief Executive of ICNARC, the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre, working with the Chair and Trustees to develop and provide strategic leadership and organisational development to the organisation.